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mother of god and all her wacky cousins

Happy 40th Birthday Joss Whedon!!!

this calls for a Whedonthon. FX aired "Chosen" and "Welcome to the Hellmouth" yesterday, incidentally, but I don't care, today I'll watch "Serenity," the commentary for "Objects in Space;" "The Body," "Prophecy Girl," "The Gift," maybe the commentary for "Welcome to the Hellmouth" before FX shows "The Harvest" at 4. Maybe "Hush" and "Once More, With Feeling" too if I can find the tapes. But those will be for after my sister kicks me away from the DVD player. Yeah I need to get started.

Yay Joss, I wanna rape the mustard out of you. Serenity the Movie, April 2005!
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