Narky (narky) wrote,

sometimes not knowing everything is all that makes it ok, sometimes.

5 hours in AP hell. i think i got a 3 least i hope.
i didnt really have enough time for the essays but the multiple choice were a breeze. the practice ones in the book were so much harder.

i want to kill mcneece. she made me change my seat and the desk was like..broken, so i asked if i could go back, but no she decided to put me at an even worse desk with like..sawdust all over it or some shit. and then spillane kept pacing about in front of me throughout the whole test, it was a conspiracy. i really dont know how i'll deal with mcneece next year, i should've taken creative writing with dicarlo.

i went to allergist with my mom and had to forcibly remove her hand from her hip multiple times.

i want a bagel with cream cheese. right now.

EDIT: oh shit i just realized we aren't legally supposed to discuss the test. apparently they come to your house and kill your family. or, at least, we can hope.
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