Narky (narky) wrote,

there has to be an upside

and there is. i found out that i can, in fact, drive. every time ive ever driven i've always worn my glasses, and i guess it gave me some sort of tunnel vision or something that made me suck, because for the first time today i didn't wear them, and i nailed my mock road test for our final class. i was quite awesome. had to parallel park multiple times and did it perfectly for each.

annoying college counselor-lady came in to english today, and wasted valuable time we could've spent playing with matchbox cars. instead, we we got to play with our new hives. i'm so sure i'm going to fill all this shit out. i have no "Special Talents," well, unless you count watching tv... and acting like a retarded man.

whoops, there's the downside.

oh, and someone get me the Little Prince soundtrack. we're watching it in french and wow...worst.musical.ever. and that's saying something. it's so great. there was a song about hats. ....HATS. and the little prince is a scary little british midget who looks like cindy kramer. supposedly, gene wilder is gonna show up at some point and be a singing fox. oh how i cannot wait.
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