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sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion

sick as hell. i may not attend school tomorrow, i'll make mommy hand in my math take home test. i don't know though, i'm dying, but i'm missing school on wednesday for the stupid ap government test and ahh fuck.

i've just been dying in bed watching one movie after another this weekend. laurel canyon (twice), silence of the lambs, psycho(the horrifyingly bad remake) donnie darko, heathers, and others that are now just a blur. i was also watching the dame edna experience marathon for hours. oh those transsexual aussie/brits.

the only time i left the house this weekend was to see jodi/brianne/andra for a total of 5 seconds and to go out to dinner with my parents. it was horrible. they seriously have nothing to talk about but me, so i just resign myself to the corner and act way too interested in my rice.

i didnt give my mom anything for mother's day, big shock. although i was nice and spent some time with her. we colored, it wasn't terrible.

Silencioo30: should i watch it?
LampShadeNark: its terrible
Silencioo30: ha
LampShadeNark: no.
LampShadeNark: waste of valuable non-wendys life minutes
Silencioo30: lol tru
LampShadeNark: i dont know how u can stand it
LampShadeNark: i backed out of the interview
Silencioo30: LOL
LampShadeNark: cuz i had like a panic attack
Silencioo30: i hav that everyday b4 work

i'm really gonna try not to have a job this summer. i don't know, i just feel like.. i can't join the work force. it really kills me. i can't do nothing this summer though, my dad definitely wouldn't allow that to happen, so we'll see. maybe i can get an internship at the New York Sun(my dad's boss owns it). i think papers just take college interns though. eh, i'll find something.

my dad leaves for israel tuesday for like..10 days. i'll miss him. oh wait. no i won't. no actually i probably will when my mom finds out that she has no one to scream at and decides i'll be the replacement.

this isn't positive thinking.
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