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i can do all things through christ which strengtheneth me!

ok i repeated that over and over during every break we had for the SAT. and i still didnt know what the hell i was doing on the math sections. i'm writing a letter.

but i'm not giving up on this book, i flly plan to put it into practice. like above, instead of "i'm writing a letter" i was going to say "what a crock of shit." but that would be talking myself into a negative attitude, which would be bad (obviously).

the book also talks about this guy who writes certain quotations on index cards and carries them around with him. and i actually really like that idea, so maybe i'll do that. i probably won't carry them around with me, but it'll give me something to do. my favorite quotes tend to be negative in nature though, unsurprisingly.

also the God stuff is getting easier. it really depends on the way he words it. sometimes it's just talking. right now. but then other times it's a lot more detached like in "Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing frighten you. Everything passes away except God. God alone is sufficient." maybe its the combination of anaphora and anadiplosis (thank you ellen), but when i read that aloud it doesn't really feel like....the typical cringe-feeling isn't there, and it's more like "God" can be replaced with Self or some other hypothetical psychological somesuch thingie, or even nothing at all. it feels buddhist in a way. i don't know, i can't really explain it, but that quote was said by some 16th century mystic, so i refuse to believe i'm just crazy, and that it was intentional.

ha and its so funny, the book constantly dates itself: "For example, when you are with a group of people at a luncheon, do not comment that the 'Communists will soon take over the country.'"

EDIT: oh, and Visine? i love you.
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