Narky (narky) wrote,

"what it feels like to inhabit my specific skin"

wow IFC plays Ghost World obsessively now, apparently.

my eyes have been itching me all day like hell. it better not be like this tomorrow during the test or i'll strangle someone.
i just took eyedrops and i was looking in the mirror, and i ended up staring at myself for like 10 minutes. my eyes became really clear and wide so i was just moving my head around and looked like my eyes weren't me, but someone inside of me looking out. it was scary/cool.

ugh i started reading the Power of Positive Thinking today, and it was telling me i have to repeat "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." ....right. i aired this grievance to defazio so he said i'm hopelessly negative (which i know. which is why i got the book. and it isn't helping.) and that i should just switch to How to Win Friends and Influence People. so i went to the bookstore with my religioun guru ellen to check it out, and it was just really smarmy and blech. so i ended up buying Nausea by Sartre and Naked by Sedaris. i don't know what i'm gonna do about the book thing, he probably won't even make us do anything with it, so i'll just pretend-read it. or pretend i believe in god for a week or two. it'll just depress me though. oh man there was a "What Would Buffy Do?" book that looked soo goood. it was kind of like a self-help book..i guess? ..i wish it was acceptable ha. then went to coldstones but jamie wasn't there. so me and ellen came here and we looked at an AP English review book she bought and found out we're ridiculously unprepared for the test.

i get dumber every year of my life, so i expect tomorrow to not be fun. oh wait, that's not positive thinking. i'll get a 1600 through christ? is that better?
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