Narky (narky) wrote,

mmm moron sandwich

once again i was sitting in the middle in drivers ed while the two guys on either side of me decide to be high and talk to each other about their sexual conquests, their drinking binges, and their drug-induced stupors that lead to waking up on jungle gyms. not fun.

and i still don't know why every single week this one kid has to discuss the brooklyn-queens expressway. or say things like "it looks like it's gonna be a hot one" and "im like george washington, i never tell a lie." and relate to us how no one ever messes with him when he walks through the projects (which projects, i could not say)- because he stares everyone down.

and then people wonder why i'm a suck driver.

have a few pages left to Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris (highly recommended) and then i'll start The Power of Positive Thinking for english. shivani said it changed her life. i don't even know what to make of that. no book's ever changed my life, and probably never will. i can't even comprehend that.

i'm gonna go down to coldstone's with jamie gunderson tomorrow and i think he's introducing me to the manager. i really don't want a job, i'm dreading it horribly.
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