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.........UN MOUTON!

ellen created an lj, yay ellen.

and since ellen is here i won't mention AT ALL that i made charissa/liz status with defazio photocopying my essay for the class...

i cant believe karen wont be in school for two days. harumph.

oh god ellen's rapping about me...

e l l e r 0 x: see this boy here
e l l e r 0 x: nark aint got nuttin to fear
e l l e r 0 x: with his concubine peter
e l l e r 0 x: wholl give it to nark right thurr
e l l e r 0 x: andra sittin on the sideliine
e l l e r 0 x: she goes 'damn that nark boy is so fiine'
e l l e r 0 x: 'can i hit that??' she says to herself
e l l e r 0 x: dressin up in his fetish: a costume of an elf
e l l e r 0 x: lookin all sexy lookin all hot
e l l e r 0 x: she walks over without a second thought
e l l e r 0 x: they get it on with peter on the end
e l l e r 0 x: grinding and bumpin doin the pelvic bend
LampShadeNark: wow its like my life
LampShadeNark: in song form

and i did something really shitty today. i caved into taking AP Calculus. tartaglione put me on the spot and that woman intimidates yeah...:'(.

Angel on in an hour, only 4 episodes left. everyone go watch Amy Acker act her ass off.

newspaper meeting was bor-ing. i had to listen to that allen kid lobby to get an article of funmi in the paper, and i spent the whole time editing some fucking article on eye piercing (no, not eyeLID piercing- and jodi, please dont get any ideas). but i actually made the article decent which i'm proud of, but it probably wont make it to the paper anyway so i don't see what the point was.

i should sign up for the writing SAT II now.
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