Narky (narky) wrote,

school is bullshit

i have to write an essay about fog. no thank you.

alright so it looks like i'm going to graduate with only 5 AP classes instead of six since i think i absolutely refuse to take Calculus. yeah..i do. i love how its actually annoying me though. when have i ever cared about classes and grades and shit? when did that happen? last year i didn't. i'm trying to gradually wean myself off of that mindset though. ill take precal with the retards, tv production with the cool people, ap english with the self-masochists, ap psych with everyone else. that, plus a couple of College Now classes, and then im done with high school.

it's may and it's now that i finally decide to make a few more friends. it goes the same way every year, yet im always unpleasantly surprised.

andra i need you to come to port richmond.

alright i should really start my essay. i think i'll use...the pink hi-liter! (yes, i do realize that looks like "pink hitler")

ha i just noticed the cut on my index finger again. it looks really cool for some reason. i got it against one of the book crates while i was being defazio's slave labor bitch. ok, i really must do this bleedin essay.
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