Narky (narky) wrote,

Well, here I am.

i seemed to have forgotten homework and studying existed this weekend. i've been too busy obsessing over Firefly (particularly "Objects in Space," hence the new icon).

the word 'object' is has three COMPLETELY different meanings..weird.

i know i have a forensics test tomorrow and an english essay to write...i hope that's it and i'm not forgetting anything. oh well.

you know, some people just can't be helped...e l l e r 0 x: WE PAID 82 DOLLARS
e l l e r 0 x: im sure im an ingrate
LampShadeNark: hey
LampShadeNark: it could have been 83
e l l e r 0 x: IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 80
e l l e r 0 x: if even that
e l l e r 0 x: since when are you so grateful?
e l l e r 0 x: did you almost die or something today?
LampShadeNark: they were doing you a favor, youd probably just spend that extra 2 dollars on drugs anyway
e l l e r 0 x: lmao
e l l e r 0 x: doin me a favor?
e l l e r 0 x: make that 6
LampShadeNark: ellen, i am grateful for every moment i have on this beautiful planet
e l l e r 0 x: since im takin two
e l l e r 0 x: i mean three
e l l e r 0 x: o cut the bull
e l l e r 0 x: why are you so non nark?
e l l e r 0 x: today
LampShadeNark: i dont know what you speak of my child, but i assure you i am the same person i have always been, and ever shall be
e l l e r 0 x: wtf is wrong with you
e l l e r 0 x: are you high?
e l l e r 0 x: HAHAH
e l l e r 0 x: did you have sex???
LampShadeNark: no little one, i am quite stabilized
LampShadeNark: i am shocked at your level of crudeness. no, i did not partake in the pleasures of the flesh
e l l e r 0 x: psh
e l l e r 0 x: i dont know you
LampShadeNark: oh but i know you, ellen kuo
LampShadeNark: ive helped many like you over the years
e l l e r 0 x: whats my middle name?
LampShadeNark: and i can help you too
LampShadeNark: for just 39.99
e l l e r 0 x: haha you dont even know my middle name!
LampShadeNark: yes i do
e l l e r 0 x: what is it?
LampShadeNark: it doesn't matter
LampShadeNark: what matters is that i can help you
e l l e r 0 x: YOURE FULL OF BULL
LampShadeNark: for only 39.99
e l l e r 0 x: and im takin a nap
e l l e r 0 x: o shutup
e l l e r 0 x: lol
LampShadeNark: its a limited time offer
e l l e r 0 x: limited time your ass
e l l e r 0 x: bye
LampShadeNark: operators are standing by

weekend went by way too fast. ugh i saw kill bill volume 2 friday and it was almost as bad as matrix revolutions. actually, it was worse, cuz i had to pay 9 dollars to see it.

the pixies are in idaho right now, what the fuck.

i have to get all my work and shit done before arrested development, so i take my leave.
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