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such a small thing...

ahh everyone in my family is freaking out about my nipples haha. i guess after 2 months i just got sort of used ot it being gross. but through is all this they've still yet to make a dermatology appointment for me. instead my mom calls my allergist(?). freak.

im falling a bit behind in my science classes, but that's ok. that's kinda what happens when u just expect 99s to roll in. ill play catch-up tomorrow. i just finished my abhorred gym report but now i have to prepare my government essay. grr, i don't have time, new ER tonight!

we sang and danced in french...that was odd...

tomorrow i supposedly sign up for drivers ed, it better fucking work out. maybe if i can drive by summer i can widen my job search, without reservation, and get a job where you aren't forced to inhale 5000 pounds of smoke, such as my previous nightmare.
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