Narky (narky) wrote,

rhyming is fun

GivingUp0nLove: bitch
LampShadeNark: yes master?
GivingUp0nLove: do me
GivingUp0nLove: NOW!
LampShadeNark: do u
LampShadeNark: how?
LampShadeNark: <--dr. seuss
GivingUp0nLove: by putting your penis in my vagina
LampShadeNark: vagina, penis by my putting?
LampShadeNark: i think that i might lose my footing
GivingUp0nLove: pssh... you can just lay ontop of me missionary style and do it
LampShadeNark: missonary style, lay on top of?
LampShadeNark: that sounds entirely too strange, love
GivingUp0nLove: jesus christ, ya know what - how about you just go get me a vibrator or something
LampShadeNark: jesus christ and vibrators in one sentence?
LampShadeNark: i think you may need to offer some repentance
GivingUp0nLove: uh... yeah... sorry
GivingUp0nLove: mike, i baked cookies today and there wasnt a fire or anything
GivingUp0nLove: LoL
LampShadeNark: cookies, baked by jodi? and no fire?
GivingUp0nLove: yes
LampShadeNark: i must eat some before they expire
GivingUp0nLove: well, what kind do you like?
GivingUp0nLove: LoL
LampShadeNark: chocolate chip, sugar, any is fine
LampShadeNark: i will eat them all in a line
GivingUp0nLove: score, i made sugar and peanut butter cookies
GivingUp0nLove: LoL
LampShadeNark: peanut butter, that makes me sick
LampShadeNark: but sugar i will eat in a quick!
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