Narky (narky) wrote,

"We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us"

yeah, holed up in my room doing english homework, fun. the dreaded WALDEN PROJECT is coming up...yeeeeek. no electricity for a week(or some variation like that, im sure he doesn't expect us to do out homework by candlelight...though you never know). should be good insanity.

meanwhile, watched BARTLEBY, starring crispin glover, last night with pete and midge. wow, it was great ha. i can't believe kelly missed it. i didn't even know what the hell the message was, i wished i owned it, or at least had time to watch it a second time. something about Conformity and Reason, who the fuck knows. i'll hunt for the Melville short story it was based on in the english office on monday. oh wait, the cranial meeting will be in the library, even better.

oh yeah, in the mall yesterday i went to CVS to buy index cards. now, these index cards used to be 99 cents, but now they are 1 dollar exactly. ok, when was the last time u saw something whose price didnt end in the number 9? then we see that under the index cards it says that you can buy 2 packs for 1.99. what. the. fuck. if they would've stayed 99 cents, you couldve bought 2 for 1.98. this is not a bargain, it's a ruse. they want to unload their index card packs, so they raise the price of each one penny and manufacture this intensely ass-backwards "deal". needless to say, i only purchased the one pack. and then the drone at the counter has the nerve to ask if i have a cvs card. i'm sure i would ever patronize, in that way, a corporation with as shoddy an ethical code as theirs. they would just sell my information to satan or any telemarketing company with some pocket change. pfft. i think 30 calls a day from AT&T and the Staten Island Advance is enough for me.
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