Narky (narky) wrote,


we losttttt to PETRIDES. wow, i sucked. the questions were so freakin weird, and there was this genius kid on the other team, so yeah. i think it airs tomorrow at 6:30 or something. i was so nervous for some reason, freakin lights, every time i gave an answer i think i like..cracked my voice. oh well. now i dont know if im even gonna play tomorrow, since the gettysburg kids arent gonna be here for 3rd game and he'll probably wanna play them, he wants to play funmi, and this girl danielle did amazing so he'll wanna keep her. i'm definitely playing the third game though, so i don't really care. but yeah, if we lose tomorrow that's it, and the third game would be just a courtesy one. bah. i think it was at least fun...? ok, it wasn't really ha..but the meetings we have in school ARE fun and winning is the only way to keep that going so yeah that's pretty much the only reason i care.

i'm so tired now but have government and french hw to do(about hayao miyzaki, yay). i just wanna sleeeeep. what else...... ummmm NOTHING. lab tomorrow guhh. then meeting. then game. then death.
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