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Dear Livejournal, you fucking suck. [30 Jun 2004|10:06pm]
is where it's at.
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Dear Livejournal, you fucking suck. [30 Jun 2004|10:06pm]
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mother of god and all her wacky cousins [23 Jun 2004|11:32am]
Happy 40th Birthday Joss Whedon!!!

this calls for a Whedonthon. FX aired "Chosen" and "Welcome to the Hellmouth" yesterday, incidentally, but I don't care, today I'll watch "Serenity," the commentary for "Objects in Space;" "The Body," "Prophecy Girl," "The Gift," maybe the commentary for "Welcome to the Hellmouth" before FX shows "The Harvest" at 4. Maybe "Hush" and "Once More, With Feeling" too if I can find the tapes. But those will be for after my sister kicks me away from the DVD player. Yeah I need to get started.

Yay Joss, I wanna rape the mustard out of you. Serenity the Movie, April 2005!
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there has to be an upside [10 Jun 2004|09:19pm]
and there is. i found out that i can, in fact, drive. every time ive ever driven i've always worn my glasses, and i guess it gave me some sort of tunnel vision or something that made me suck, because for the first time today i didn't wear them, and i nailed my mock road test for our final class. i was quite awesome. had to parallel park multiple times and did it perfectly for each.

annoying college counselor-lady came in to english today, and wasted valuable time we could've spent playing with matchbox cars. instead, we we got to play with our new hives. i'm so sure i'm going to fill all this shit out. i have no "Special Talents," well, unless you count watching tv... and acting like a retarded man.

whoops, there's the downside.

oh, and someone get me the Little Prince soundtrack. we're watching it in french and wow...worst.musical.ever. and that's saying something. it's so great. there was a song about hats. ....HATS. and the little prince is a scary little british midget who looks like cindy kramer. supposedly, gene wilder is gonna show up at some point and be a singing fox. oh how i cannot wait.
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sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion [09 May 2004|07:43pm]
sick as hell. i may not attend school tomorrow, i'll make mommy hand in my math take home test. i don't know though, i'm dying, but i'm missing school on wednesday for the stupid ap government test and ahh fuck.

i've just been dying in bed watching one movie after another this weekend. laurel canyon (twice), silence of the lambs, psycho(the horrifyingly bad remake) donnie darko, heathers, and others that are now just a blur. i was also watching the dame edna experience marathon for hours. oh those transsexual aussie/brits.

the only time i left the house this weekend was to see jodi/brianne/andra for a total of 5 seconds and to go out to dinner with my parents. it was horrible. they seriously have nothing to talk about but me, so i just resign myself to the corner and act way too interested in my rice.

i didnt give my mom anything for mother's day, big shock. although i was nice and spent some time with her. we colored, it wasn't terrible.

Silencioo30: should i watch it?
LampShadeNark: its terrible
Silencioo30: ha
LampShadeNark: no.
LampShadeNark: waste of valuable non-wendys life minutes
Silencioo30: lol tru
LampShadeNark: i dont know how u can stand it
LampShadeNark: i backed out of the interview
Silencioo30: LOL
LampShadeNark: cuz i had like a panic attack
Silencioo30: i hav that everyday b4 work

i'm really gonna try not to have a job this summer. i don't know, i just feel like.. i can't join the work force. it really kills me. i can't do nothing this summer though, my dad definitely wouldn't allow that to happen, so we'll see. maybe i can get an internship at the New York Sun(my dad's boss owns it). i think papers just take college interns though. eh, i'll find something.

my dad leaves for israel tuesday for like..10 days. i'll miss him. oh wait. no i won't. no actually i probably will when my mom finds out that she has no one to scream at and decides i'll be the replacement.

this isn't positive thinking.
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tv can destroy me [06 May 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

i'll just blame it on the allergies.

and no, i'm not talking about that piece of shit Friends finale. it's all ER's doing.

i have to like..breathe.

in other news, my mom finally took me out driving today. it was pure comedy. i kept trying to scare her by stopping her car just before it hit poles, etc. i am getting pretty good at the whole driving thing though. i mean, there's no guarantee i'm passing my road test on the first try, i think, but i'm not so much a menace to society anymore.

oh man the news just announced that dr. zizmore is going to jail. noooooooo.

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sometimes not knowing everything is all that makes it ok, sometimes. [03 May 2004|06:15pm]
5 hours in AP hell. i think i got a 3 though..at least i hope.
i didnt really have enough time for the essays but the multiple choice were a breeze. the practice ones in the book were so much harder.

i want to kill mcneece. she made me change my seat and the desk was like..broken, so i asked if i could go back, but no she decided to put me at an even worse desk with like..sawdust all over it or some shit. and then spillane kept pacing about in front of me throughout the whole test, it was a conspiracy. i really dont know how i'll deal with mcneece next year, i should've taken creative writing with dicarlo.

i went to allergist with my mom and had to forcibly remove her hand from her hip multiple times.

i want a bagel with cream cheese. right now.

EDIT: oh shit i just realized we aren't legally supposed to discuss the test. apparently they come to your house and kill your family. or, at least, we can hope.
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i can do all things through christ which strengtheneth me! [01 May 2004|05:28pm]
ok i repeated that over and over during every break we had for the SAT. and i still didnt know what the hell i was doing on the math sections. i'm writing a letter.

but i'm not giving up on this book, i flly plan to put it into practice. like above, instead of "i'm writing a letter" i was going to say "what a crock of shit." but that would be talking myself into a negative attitude, which would be bad (obviously).

the book also talks about this guy who writes certain quotations on index cards and carries them around with him. and i actually really like that idea, so maybe i'll do that. i probably won't carry them around with me, but it'll give me something to do. my favorite quotes tend to be negative in nature though, unsurprisingly.

also the God stuff is getting easier. it really depends on the way he words it. sometimes it's just like..no..stop talking. right now. but then other times it's a lot more detached like in "Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing frighten you. Everything passes away except God. God alone is sufficient." maybe its the combination of anaphora and anadiplosis (thank you ellen), but when i read that aloud it doesn't really feel like....the typical cringe-feeling isn't there, and it's more like "God" can be replaced with Self or some other hypothetical psychological somesuch thingie, or even nothing at all. it feels buddhist in a way. i don't know, i can't really explain it, but that quote was said by some 16th century mystic, so i refuse to believe i'm just crazy, and that it was intentional.

ha and its so funny, the book constantly dates itself: "For example, when you are with a group of people at a luncheon, do not comment that the 'Communists will soon take over the country.'"

EDIT: oh, and Visine? i love you.
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"what it feels like to inhabit my specific skin" [30 Apr 2004|08:24pm]
wow IFC plays Ghost World obsessively now, apparently.

my eyes have been itching me all day like hell. it better not be like this tomorrow during the test or i'll strangle someone.
i just took eyedrops and i was looking in the mirror, and i ended up staring at myself for like 10 minutes. my eyes became really clear and wide so i was just moving my head around and yeah..it looked like my eyes weren't me, but someone inside of me looking out. it was scary/cool.

ugh i started reading the Power of Positive Thinking today, and it was telling me i have to repeat "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." ....right. i aired this grievance to defazio so he said i'm hopelessly negative (which i know. which is why i got the book. and it isn't helping.) and that i should just switch to How to Win Friends and Influence People. so i went to the bookstore with my religioun guru ellen to check it out, and it was just really smarmy and blech. so i ended up buying Nausea by Sartre and Naked by Sedaris. i don't know what i'm gonna do about the book thing, he probably won't even make us do anything with it, so i'll just pretend-read it. or pretend i believe in god for a week or two. it'll just depress me though. oh man there was a "What Would Buffy Do?" book that looked soo goood. it was kind of like a self-help book..i guess? ..i wish it was acceptable ha. then went to coldstones but jamie wasn't there. so me and ellen came here and we looked at an AP English review book she bought and found out we're ridiculously unprepared for the test.

i get dumber every year of my life, so i expect tomorrow to not be fun. oh wait, that's not positive thinking. i'll get a 1600 through christ? is that better?
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mmm moron sandwich [29 Apr 2004|09:35pm]
once again i was sitting in the middle in drivers ed while the two guys on either side of me decide to be high and talk to each other about their sexual conquests, their drinking binges, and their drug-induced stupors that lead to waking up on jungle gyms. not fun.

and i still don't know why every single week this one kid has to discuss the brooklyn-queens expressway. or say things like "it looks like it's gonna be a hot one" and "im like george washington, i never tell a lie." and relate to us how no one ever messes with him when he walks through the projects (which projects, i could not say)- because he stares everyone down.

and then people wonder why i'm a suck driver.

have a few pages left to Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris (highly recommended) and then i'll start The Power of Positive Thinking for english. shivani said it changed her life. i don't even know what to make of that. no book's ever changed my life, and probably never will. i can't even comprehend that.

i'm gonna go down to coldstone's with jamie gunderson tomorrow and i think he's introducing me to the manager. i really don't want a job, i'm dreading it horribly.
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dessine-moi..... [28 Apr 2004|07:40pm]
.........UN MOUTON!

ellen created an lj, yay ellen.

and since ellen is here i won't mention AT ALL that i made charissa/liz status with defazio photocopying my essay for the class...

i cant believe karen wont be in school for two days. harumph.

oh god ellen's rapping about me...
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and i did something really shitty today. i caved into taking AP Calculus. tartaglione put me on the spot and that woman intimidates me...so yeah...:'(.

Angel on in an hour, only 4 episodes left. everyone go watch Amy Acker act her ass off.

newspaper meeting was bor-ing. i had to listen to that allen kid lobby to get an article of funmi in the paper, and i spent the whole time editing some fucking article on eye piercing (no, not eyeLID piercing- and jodi, please dont get any ideas). but i actually made the article decent which i'm proud of, but it probably wont make it to the paper anyway so i don't see what the point was.

i should sign up for the writing SAT II now.
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school is bullshit [27 Apr 2004|08:21pm]
i have to write an essay about fog. no thank you.

alright so it looks like i'm going to graduate with only 5 AP classes instead of six since i think i absolutely refuse to take Calculus. yeah..i do. i love how its actually annoying me though. when have i ever cared about classes and grades and shit? when did that happen? last year i didn't. i'm trying to gradually wean myself off of that mindset though. ill take precal with the retards, tv production with the cool people, ap english with the self-masochists, ap psych with everyone else. that, plus a couple of College Now classes, and then im done with high school.

it's may and it's now that i finally decide to make a few more friends. it goes the same way every year, yet im always unpleasantly surprised.

andra i need you to come to port richmond.

alright i should really start my essay. i think i'll use...the pink hi-liter! (yes, i do realize that looks like "pink hitler")

ha i just noticed the cut on my index finger again. it looks really cool for some reason. i got it against one of the book crates while i was being defazio's slave labor bitch. ok, i really must do this bleedin essay.
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Well, here I am. [25 Apr 2004|06:06pm]
i seemed to have forgotten homework and studying existed this weekend. i've been too busy obsessing over Firefly (particularly "Objects in Space," hence the new icon).

the word 'object' is cool..it has three COMPLETELY different meanings..weird.

i know i have a forensics test tomorrow and an english essay to write...i hope that's it and i'm not forgetting anything. oh well.

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weekend went by way too fast. ugh i saw kill bill volume 2 friday and it was almost as bad as matrix revolutions. actually, it was worse, cuz i had to pay 9 dollars to see it.

the pixies are in idaho right now, what the fuck.

i have to get all my work and shit done before arrested development, so i take my leave.
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[18 Apr 2004|08:22pm]
i love andra.
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BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE [11 Jan 2004|10:46pm]
peter introduced me to http://www.afradio.com DJ'd by Mark Kim aka DJ Clueless. peter gave me a shout out because i made him, ellen got a shout out for the Port Richmond Asian-American Club, and now i just got another shout out from Cindy Chung out of nowhere lol. i can die happy.
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such a small thing... [08 Jan 2004|07:52pm]
ahh everyone in my family is freaking out about my nipples haha. i guess after 2 months i just got sort of used ot it being gross. but through is all this they've still yet to make a dermatology appointment for me. instead my mom calls my allergist(?). freak.

im falling a bit behind in my science classes, but that's ok. that's kinda what happens when u just expect 99s to roll in. ill play catch-up tomorrow. i just finished my abhorred gym report but now i have to prepare my government essay. grr, i don't have time, new ER tonight!

we sang and danced in french...that was odd...

tomorrow i supposedly sign up for drivers ed, it better fucking work out. maybe if i can drive by summer i can widen my job search, without reservation, and get a job where you aren't forced to inhale 5000 pounds of smoke, such as my previous nightmare.
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rhyming is fun [16 Dec 2003|10:29pm]
GivingUp0nLove: bitch
LampShadeNark: yes master?
GivingUp0nLove: do me
GivingUp0nLove: NOW!
LampShadeNark: do u
LampShadeNark: how?
LampShadeNark: <--dr. seuss
GivingUp0nLove: by putting your penis in my vagina
LampShadeNark: vagina, penis by my putting?
LampShadeNark: i think that i might lose my footing
GivingUp0nLove: pssh... you can just lay ontop of me missionary style and do it
LampShadeNark: missonary style, lay on top of?
LampShadeNark: that sounds entirely too strange, love
GivingUp0nLove: jesus christ, ya know what - how about you just go get me a vibrator or something
LampShadeNark: jesus christ and vibrators in one sentence?
LampShadeNark: i think you may need to offer some repentance
GivingUp0nLove: uh... yeah... sorry
GivingUp0nLove: mike, i baked cookies today and there wasnt a fire or anything
GivingUp0nLove: LoL
LampShadeNark: cookies, baked by jodi? and no fire?
GivingUp0nLove: yes
LampShadeNark: i must eat some before they expire
GivingUp0nLove: well, what kind do you like?
GivingUp0nLove: LoL
LampShadeNark: chocolate chip, sugar, any is fine
LampShadeNark: i will eat them all in a line
GivingUp0nLove: score, i made sugar and peanut butter cookies
GivingUp0nLove: LoL
LampShadeNark: peanut butter, that makes me sick
LampShadeNark: but sugar i will eat in a quick!
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"We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us" [15 Nov 2003|02:20pm]
yeah, holed up in my room doing english homework, fun. the dreaded WALDEN PROJECT is coming up...yeeeeek. no electricity for a week(or some variation like that, im sure he doesn't expect us to do out homework by candlelight...though you never know). should be good insanity.

meanwhile, watched BARTLEBY, starring crispin glover, last night with pete and midge. wow, it was great ha. i can't believe kelly missed it. i didn't even know what the hell the message was, i wished i owned it, or at least had time to watch it a second time. something about Conformity and Reason, who the fuck knows. i'll hunt for the Melville short story it was based on in the english office on monday. oh wait, the cranial meeting will be in the library, even better.

oh yeah, in the mall yesterday i went to CVS to buy index cards. now, these index cards used to be 99 cents, but now they are 1 dollar exactly. ok, when was the last time u saw something whose price didnt end in the number 9? then we see that under the index cards it says that you can buy 2 packs for 1.99. what. the. fuck. if they would've stayed 99 cents, you couldve bought 2 for 1.98. this is not a bargain, it's a ruse. they want to unload their index card packs, so they raise the price of each one penny and manufacture this intensely ass-backwards "deal". needless to say, i only purchased the one pack. and then the drone at the counter has the nerve to ask if i have a cvs card. i'm sure i would ever patronize, in that way, a corporation with as shoddy an ethical code as theirs. they would just sell my information to satan or any telemarketing company with some pocket change. pfft. i think 30 calls a day from AT&T and the Staten Island Advance is enough for me.
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yeah [15 Nov 2003|02:18pm]
friends only from now on kids, so if you're one of those people who aren't logged in all the time, you'll have to to see my glorious entries.
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arghhhhhh [12 Nov 2003|06:53pm]
we losttttt to PETRIDES. wow, i sucked. the questions were so freakin weird, and there was this genius kid on the other team, so yeah. i think it airs tomorrow at 6:30 or something. i was so nervous for some reason, freakin lights, every time i gave an answer i think i like..cracked my voice. oh well. now i dont know if im even gonna play tomorrow, since the gettysburg kids arent gonna be here for 3rd game and he'll probably wanna play them, he wants to play funmi, and this girl danielle did amazing so he'll wanna keep her. i'm definitely playing the third game though, so i don't really care. but yeah, if we lose tomorrow that's it, and the third game would be just a courtesy one. bah. i think it was at least fun...? ok, it wasn't really ha..but the meetings we have in school ARE fun and winning is the only way to keep that going so yeah that's pretty much the only reason i care.

i'm so tired now but have government and french hw to do(about hayao miyzaki, yay). i just wanna sleeeeep. what else...... ummmm NOTHING. lab tomorrow guhh. then meeting. then game. then death.
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